Our approach to design

Making ideas graspable at first glance for everybody is our aim. This needs a clear and simple design language, putting the main idea in a nutshell. A good design is always a good problem solution, so to understood the full context is essential. The ability to put yourself
into the right viewpoint and to zoom out paves the way to substantial ideas and is key to the right approach to the problem. Howsoever you cannot escape to certain extent being slave of your own perspective. But through broadening your horizon by appreciating other perspectives you get a better grip of reality. This makes your author design more likely to save the day for everybody and as a result be successful.

Our mission

With passion for product design we want to push the boundaries of the possible with new ideas. Our goal is to enrich our everyday life with products that are fun to use but simultaneously deal with design in a poetic way.

Hans Nopper, based in cologne, Germany, born 1967, product designer, researcher and inventor

My heritage

Having studied at the state academy of fine arts , Stuttgart it was my teacher Richard Sapper, who had a deep impact on my attitude towards design. His iconic “Tizio” lamp design triggered my interest into the lighting realm. This led into my collaboration with Ingo Maurer launching the “Nopperection” lamp in milan 1996. While my work experience at Frei Otto, architecture i was deeply impressed from his bionic lightweight approach, a mindset which still keeps me capitvating. My distinct passion for technology lead me to my thesis topic, an autonomous tennisball collecting robot cooperating with Sebastian Thrun and winning an  AAAI robot contest in Portland, Oregon.


A long history of patented innovations:

Nopperection; Ingo Maurer 1996, Ball-Bot; 1996;
Hans Nopper ; Sebastian Thrun; CMU; USA; First Care-o-Bot; FhG , IPA 2000; iulite kiu lamp, 2012

Follow us

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